Senior Pastors

Steve and Teresa Hall

Executive Pastors

Ian and Martha Laks

Associate Pastors

John and Destiny Ott
Geoff and Krista Scara
Tyler and Sarah Wachenfeld


Neal and Emilee Blackford
Keith and Brynda Jenkins
Henry Laks
Troy and Carmen Rye
Cody and Sarah Schumann
Jon and Jan Wagoner

Campus Evangelists

Anna Baumann
Alex and Amanda Bennett
Hayden Blake
Chase and Abby Campbell
Ko and Amy Chen
Kevin and Bekah Eller
Jackson Graff
Tucker and Katie Hair
John and Amy Hall
Steve and Mary Hall
Bennett and Destiny Harte
Erich and Jessica Kempf
Sarah Laks
Chris and Abby Olson
Richie and Victoria Mesa
Darin and Brandi zumBrunnen